Frozen Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is a quite large fish since it appears approximately 100 pounds per fish. It’s a huge difference compared to the common sea bass in the market that only weighs around 20 pounds. The Chilean sea bass has got its snow-white meat color as its main characteristic.

The Difference Between Chilean Sea Bass And Sea Bass

Some fish that called sea bass are not the real bass sometimes. Even the Chilean sea bass is not actually a bass but Patagonian Toothfish. The real bass is Black Sea Bass and European Sea Bass. Chilean sea bass is different from the real bass in the matter of its habitat and its type.

Chilean Sea Bass in a kind of toothfish or relatives to cod fish. But since the name doesn’t sound appealing, then it is changed as sea bass. Chilean Sea Bass can be found around Argentine, Chile and South Africa while The Black Sea Bass is spread all over Western Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida.

Is Chilean Sea Bass Always Frozen?

This type of fish appears in any supermarket or convenience store as the frozen one. It makes many people wonder if they ever have a chance to find any unfrozen ones. The Chilean sea bass comes frozen at the sea, so even if you meet the ones that are not frozen, it was previously frozen. So there is basically no fresh Chilean sea bass but refreshed.

The Tender Oily Snow White

Chilean Sea bass has got delicate in its white meat with flavorful taste of sweet, mild and tender. It’s product usually skinless and ready to cook. Its oily texture makes this type of fish not really suitable to fry. The smoke will come all over the place and it’ll be easy to get burnt. Grilling, steaming, boiling and baking will be the most proper way to cook this kind of fish.

Preparing Frozen Chilean Sea Bass Before Cooking

Cooking frozen Chilean sea bass is almost the same as cooking other frozen sea products. If it’s not that hard, you just need to thaw it while you’re cooking by making it longer than the real-time set. You can add up 3-5 minutes in boiling or steaming process in order to get the fish completely done. The other option is that you can thaw the fish first before you cook it, which make the cooking process a little bit longer unless you still need to prepare other things before you cook. So, you can thaw the frozen Chilean sea brass while you’re preparing the seasoning or other ingredients.

Since Chilean sea bass’ color is white and doesn’t change color unless it is burnt, so you need to check it by poking the fish to make sure it’s already done. Use the fork to poke its meat, and if the texture is still chewy, you need to wait a little bit.

How To Grill Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass needs a careful treatment when it comes to grilling. Although this type of fish has a good taste especially if it’s grilled, but the texture is quite fragile moreover if the product is the skinless one. Without its skin, Chilean sea bass is easy to get torn apart when you stick it on a skewer. The point you need to carefully pay attention to is it must be pierced right in the center of the fish cut to the skewer, so it will reduce the probability of being torn apart while grilling.

If you ever want to grill chilean sea bass, it is better for you to choose the ones with skin rather than the skinless. The skinless one is more suitable for soup or other boiling and steaming cooking.