Which One to Buy: Live or Frozen Lobster?

Eating seafood has been a healthy lifestyle since it covers much nutrition to the body. One of the best and the most popular seafood is lobster. The texture of lobsters gives people enjoyment to have it over and over again. But when you want to cook the lobster by yourself, which one you should buy: the fresh one or the frozen one?

Live And Frozen Lobster Comparison

Live lobster has got its sensation of freshness when we cook, but it doesn’t mean that frozen lobster is just not fresh. The meat quality of both live and frozen lobster is just slightly the same. There will be nothing can change the taste of a yummy lobster as long as they are still edible before entering its expired date.

Live Lobsters Is Not So Hard To Defeat

Live lobster probably will assure more people about its freshness since people can still see when it’s alive until it dies inside their pots. Some people will cook it alive and the others will have to kill first.

Based on one’s experience in the UK, buying live lobster is way cheaper than buying the frozen one, moreover if you buy it online. Buying live lobster online is not really a new thing. The seller will provide seaweed in the shipping, so when it comes to the customer, the lobster will still be in a good condition and for sure it is alive.

The real challenge if you buy a live lobster will appear when it comes to untying the lobster, especially if it is the first time for you. You have to struggle a little bit for there might be a fightback from the lobster when you try to lose the tie. Nevertheless, there is always a way to prevent the battle between you and the lobster by not untie the lobster until it dies after you boil or bake it.

Frozen Lobster Is Just Great To Be Kept

Frozen lobster can be kept up to five months as its flavor is not really easy to change. The sweetness and tenderness can be preserved in quite a long period of time as long as it is frozen. It will take a few minutes just to thaw the lobster before you cook it but it doesn’t take too much time. The process of freezing and thawing doesn’t really affect its texture once you cook it properly.

The shipping for this frozen lobster is quite cheaper than the live one. It will be packed in a box with dry ice to keep it cool and fresh. In addition, you don’t have to worry if it’s dying since it’s already a dead lobster.

After you receive the frozen lobster, you can just continue to store it in the freezer and wait until the time you will cook it. different from buying the live lobster that requires you to cook it as soon as it comes. However, it is a matter of personal preference for whichever you choose when you buy your lobster. Both of them have got their own advantages and drawbacks.