Best Way to Find the Best Frozen Lobster Supplier


It is undeniable that the lobster is one type of seafood that has a high economic value. This makes the lobster market cone for the upper middle class. The price of lobster which is quite high on the market makes lobster a promising export commodity.

Processed foods made from lobster are usually served at restaurants. Some of them use frozen lobster as a raw material for making these food products. Restaurants and processed seafood producers get lobster supply from the frozen lobster supplier.

This kind of process will certainly save time for culinary businessmen engaged in seafood cuisine. They can get lobster supplies quickly and in large quantities from lobster suppliers.

Frozen Lobster Business Flow

Lobster is indeed one promising business prospect. The price that continues to soar makes business people tempted to plunge into the lobster business. They are trying to find lobster fishermen or lobster farmers to get frozen lobster raw materials.

Lobster from fishermen or lobster farmers will be collected in collectors. After the lobster has been collected in large quantities, the lobster will be packed into boxes or crates for distribution to the frozen lobster processing plant.

Previously, the lobster was sorted first usually based on size. The size of a lobster is very influential on the selling price so that the lobster must be separated according to body size.

Upon arrival at the frozen lobster processing plant, the lobsters are re-examined, whether the number and size are in accordance with production standards. Then, lobster enters the first stage of production, namely sterilization.

At the sterilization stage, the lobster is cleaned so there is no more dirt left. It aims to maintain product cleanliness that can improve the quality of frozen lobster production.

Then, the lobster is arranged in a place that has been prepared and put in the freezer. This freezing process lasts for several days until the lobster is completely frozen to be packaged and distributed to various regions by the frozen lobster supplier.

Tips To Choose An Appropriate Lobster Supplier

If you are engaged in a culinary business that serves lobster dishes, then you need to find a reliable lobster supplier. This will certainly have a direct impact on the smooth running of your business.

To find lobster suppliers is easy, but not to find the best. Reliable supplier of frozen lobster certainly has various criteria that can support its credibility as a supplier that can support your business.

  • Experienced suppliers

Make sure you only use the services of an experienced supplier. Usually, experienced frozen lobster supplier certainly has high operating hours. This can be seen from the age of lobster supply companies.

Supplying companies that have been established for a long time and still exist today certainly have high credibility, so that they can be trusted by customers who make their business still run well to the present.

  • Competitive price

Experienced lobster suppliers can usually provide the best price, which is a more affordable price than its competitors, moreover, if they serve regular customers. They will give special prices that can attract customers.

  • The best product quality

The best lobster supplier will always maintain the quality of the products supplied. Because the quality of products will directly affect their credibility and reputation as suppliers, they certainly will not sacrifice the product quality to gain profit.

Well, that’s some of the criteria that must be owned by the best lobster suppliers in order to get the trust of consumers. By continuing to maintain the quality of service to remain in the best position, of course, lobster suppliers will not lose customers.

Finding a reliable and experienced frozen lobster supplier is not an easy job. However, if we can find it, then we can calmly run our business. Therefore, we are required to be careful in choosing suppliers for our business, for the smooth running of the business we run.

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Frozen Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is a quite large fish since it appears approximately 100 pounds per fish. It’s a huge difference compared to the common sea bass in the market that only weighs around 20 pounds. The Chilean sea bass has got its snow-white meat color as its main characteristic.

The Difference Between Chilean Sea Bass And Sea Bass

Some fish that called sea bass are not the real bass sometimes. Even the Chilean sea bass is not actually a bass but Patagonian Toothfish. The real bass is Black Sea Bass and European Sea Bass. Chilean sea bass is different from the real bass in the matter of its habitat and its type.

Chilean Sea Bass in a kind of toothfish or relatives to cod fish. But since the name doesn’t sound appealing, then it is changed as sea bass. Chilean Sea Bass can be found around Argentine, Chile and South Africa while The Black Sea Bass is spread all over Western Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida.

Is Chilean Sea Bass Always Frozen?

This type of fish appears in any supermarket or convenience store as the frozen one. It makes many people wonder if they ever have a chance to find any unfrozen ones. The Chilean sea bass comes frozen at the sea, so even if you meet the ones that are not frozen, it was previously frozen. So there is basically no fresh Chilean sea bass but refreshed.

The Tender Oily Snow White

Chilean Sea bass has got delicate in its white meat with flavorful taste of sweet, mild and tender. It’s product usually skinless and ready to cook. Its oily texture makes this type of fish not really suitable to fry. The smoke will come all over the place and it’ll be easy to get burnt. Grilling, steaming, boiling and baking will be the most proper way to cook this kind of fish.

Preparing Frozen Chilean Sea Bass Before Cooking

Cooking frozen Chilean sea bass is almost the same as cooking other frozen sea products. If it’s not that hard, you just need to thaw it while you’re cooking by making it longer than the real-time set. You can add up 3-5 minutes in boiling or steaming process in order to get the fish completely done. The other option is that you can thaw the fish first before you cook it, which make the cooking process a little bit longer unless you still need to prepare other things before you cook. So, you can thaw the frozen Chilean sea brass while you’re preparing the seasoning or other ingredients.

Since Chilean sea bass’ color is white and doesn’t change color unless it is burnt, so you need to check it by poking the fish to make sure it’s already done. Use the fork to poke its meat, and if the texture is still chewy, you need to wait a little bit.

How To Grill Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass needs a careful treatment when it comes to grilling. Although this type of fish has a good taste especially if it’s grilled, but the texture is quite fragile moreover if the product is the skinless one. Without its skin, Chilean sea bass is easy to get torn apart when you stick it on a skewer. The point you need to carefully pay attention to is it must be pierced right in the center of the fish cut to the skewer, so it will reduce the probability of being torn apart while grilling.

If you ever want to grill chilean sea bass, it is better for you to choose the ones with skin rather than the skinless. The skinless one is more suitable for soup or other boiling and steaming cooking.

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4 Best Baked Lobster Recipes

Lobster is one of the most appetizing seafood for its sweet tender taste. Not only tasty, lobsters are also good for health since it has got omega-3 fatty acid and selenium. It’s good to reduce the risk of anemia, thyroid disease, and depression. The omega-3 fatty acid can ward off the heart disease risk as well as preventing one from Alzheimer. The good nutrients within the lobster will just do good with any diet you are in.

Baking Is One Of The Best Ways Of Cooking The Lobsters

There are many ways to cook lobster, but one of the bests is baking it. When steaming and boiling have become so common for seafood, baking can be just a perfect way to escape. The following recipes will be a guide to those who like escaping.

Cheesy Baked Lobster

Combining lobster and cheese will be a nice start up for beginner cook. Cheese has been a part of any cuisines and now it’s time to combine it with seafood taste. This recipe is quite easy to follow and the ingredients are not really hard to find, so basically, everyone can just cook it.


1 lobster

50 g quick-melt cheese

2 tbs light cream

2 tsp butter

1 garlic (chopped)

A pinch of salt, sugar, and pepper

Dried parsley

How To Cook:

  1. Heat the butter on the frying pan and put chopped garlic, light cream, salt, sugar, and pepper in it. Stir well until it smells aromatic.
  2. Chop the lobster in a half – we will just use the tail – separate the head.
  3. Remove the inner shell and leave the back shell still.
  4. Pour the sauce on the lobster and put it into the heated oven at 375 degrees for 25 minutes
  5. Spread the dried parsley and your lobster is ready to serve.

Garlic Panko Baked Lobster

Panko or breadcrumbs has got its flaky texture that is usually used for frying some kind of snacks or nuggets. This unusual recipe will tell you how to use panko in quite a different way as a seasoning of baked lobster.


1 lobster

½ cup panko

4 stakes fresh thymes

2 tsp butter

4 cloves smashed garlic

1 tbs chopped fresh parsley

Virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper


  1. Chop the lobster into two halves, put aside the head. Cut along the ventral part and leave the dorsal.
  2. Mix panko, fresh thyme, smashed garlic, salt, and pepper with the food processor. Spread the mixture all over the surface of the lobster.
  3. Heat the butter on the frying pan and pour it onto the lobster. Pour the virgin olive oil all over the lobster.
  4. Put the lobster into 425 degrees Fahrenheit oven and bake it for about 30 minutes.
  5. Take the lobster out and spread fresh parsley on it.

Lemon Juicy Lobster

Lobster and lemon juice can be tastily combined as one magnificent dish. Lobster with its sweet and soft inner meat will meat the fresh sour taste of lemon juice. By baking the lobster, the taste will be pretty stronger since there is an additional taste of burn in the lobster’s meat.


1 lobster tail

2 tbs melted butter

2 tbs lemon juice

Chopped parsley

Salt and pepper

Lemon wedges


  1. Discard the cartilago that covers the central part of the lobster.
  2. Coat the lobster with the melted butter as well as lemon juice, salt, and
  3. Put it in the heated oven at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle the chopped parsley and put the lemon wedges on the plate. The lemon juicy baked lobster is ready to serve.

Shallots Baked Lobster Tail

Lobster tails have been a delicacy amongst the seafood. Its meat-full juicy and sweet taste hypnotized people to eat it over and over again even with a higher price compared to others. Lobster is used to be combined with garlic since the taste is really fine, but actually, it goes the same for shallots.


2 lobster tails

2 tsp melted butter

3 cloves chopped shallots

Salt and pepper

Dried parsley

Lemon wedges


  1. Remove the shell of the central part of the lobster and leave the back shell.
  2. To overcome the fishy smell, put the lemon wedges underneath the lobster meat.
  3. Coat the lobster with melted butter all over the place and sprinkle chopped shallots on the lobster. Spread a pinch of salt and pepper as well on top of it.
  4. Put the lobster in the oven after it’s heated to 375 degrees and leave it for 30 minutes.
  5. Spread the dried parsley as the decoration, or you can add up some other vegetables around.
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Which One to Buy: Live or Frozen Lobster?

Eating seafood has been a healthy lifestyle since it covers much nutrition to the body. One of the best and the most popular seafood is lobster. The texture of lobsters gives people enjoyment to have it over and over again. But when you want to cook the lobster by yourself, which one you should buy: the fresh one or the frozen one?

Live And Frozen Lobster Comparison

Live lobster has got its sensation of freshness when we cook, but it doesn’t mean that frozen lobster is just not fresh. The meat quality of both live and frozen lobster is just slightly the same. There will be nothing can change the taste of a yummy lobster as long as they are still edible before entering its expired date.

Live Lobsters Is Not So Hard To Defeat

Live lobster probably will assure more people about its freshness since people can still see when it’s alive until it dies inside their pots. Some people will cook it alive and the others will have to kill first.

Based on one’s experience in the UK, buying live lobster is way cheaper than buying the frozen one, moreover if you buy it online. Buying live lobster online is not really a new thing. The seller will provide seaweed in the shipping, so when it comes to the customer, the lobster will still be in a good condition and for sure it is alive.

The real challenge if you buy a live lobster will appear when it comes to untying the lobster, especially if it is the first time for you. You have to struggle a little bit for there might be a fightback from the lobster when you try to lose the tie. Nevertheless, there is always a way to prevent the battle between you and the lobster by not untie the lobster until it dies after you boil or bake it.

Frozen Lobster Is Just Great To Be Kept

Frozen lobster can be kept up to five months as its flavor is not really easy to change. The sweetness and tenderness can be preserved in quite a long period of time as long as it is frozen. It will take a few minutes just to thaw the lobster before you cook it but it doesn’t take too much time. The process of freezing and thawing doesn’t really affect its texture once you cook it properly.

The shipping for this frozen lobster is quite cheaper than the live one. It will be packed in a box with dry ice to keep it cool and fresh. In addition, you don’t have to worry if it’s dying since it’s already a dead lobster.

After you receive the frozen lobster, you can just continue to store it in the freezer and wait until the time you will cook it. different from buying the live lobster that requires you to cook it as soon as it comes. However, it is a matter of personal preference for whichever you choose when you buy your lobster. Both of them have got their own advantages and drawbacks.

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Things about Frozen Meat You Wish to Know Earlier

Meat is one of the most important ingredients for its existence. This is of course due to the nutritional content of meat such as protein and fat which are needed by the body. Besides that, meat is a very popular food ingredient because meat can be processed into various types of food.

However, the durability of very low fresh meat makes this meat decay quickly. Therefore, one way that meat does not rot quickly is through the freezing process. Frozen meat can last for a longer period of time.

Frozen meat is usually traded widely. In fact, the international meat market also uses frozen meat. Imported meats are usually in the form of frozen meat.

How To Choose The Best Frozen Meat

Sometimes, people are reluctant to buy frozen meat. There are several reasons that make people feel reluctant to buy frozen meat. The first is about the freshness of meat. It is rather difficult to distinguish which frozen meat is still fresh and where frozen meat has decreased in quality.

Therefore, this is a very important thing to be able to know the condition of the meat properly frozen. Actually, there are some tips on choosing frozen meat so we are not wrong in choosing meat for our consumption.

Fundamental Things To Know When Choosing Frozen Meat

Frozen meat is usually sold in supermarkets. In general, frozen meats come from abroad, or it can be said that the meat is imported meat. However, frozen meat is not always an imported product. There are also local meat products that are intentionally frozen.

Whether it’s imported or local frozen meat, we must remain observant in choosing frozen meat. It’s very important to know the best quality frozen meat.

  • Check the expiration date

Every frozen meat must have an expiration date. Well, this is the first thing we must pay attention to. Make sure the expiration date has not been missed when we buy the frozen meat. We recommend that you select frozen meat, which expires on a remote day.

By paying attention to the expiration date, of course, we can know the condition and quality of meat. Meat that has not been overdue can be ascertained that the meat is still fresh and worthy of consumption.

  • Pay attention to the meat packaging

In general, frozen meat is packed in airtight plastic. The frozen meat is wrapped up in a meeting using plastic. Be sure to always check the condition of the frozen meat packaging.

See if the meat packaging is damaged or not. Check again and make sure that the plastic packaging is tightly closed. Also, make sure there is no liquid dripping from frozen meat.

If you find frozen meat dripping with lots of liquid, it is a sign that the meat is not fresh anymore. A lot of liquid dripping from frozen meat is a result of temperature fluctuations in meat. If meat experiences temperature fluctuations for quite a long period of time, then its freshness will decrease slowly.

  • Pay attention to the color of frozen meat

Frozen meat that is still fresh in color will look vivid and brighter. Fresh red color typical of the meat will appear even though the meat is frozen.

Another case with frozen meat that is less fresh. The red color will look pale and tend to be dark. In some types of meat, the color will look like bruised skin. That indicates that the meat has begun to experience decay.

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Frozen Crab as an Alternative Processed Food

Crab is one type of seafood that is loved by many people. Crab meat has a distinctive taste, and for some people, eating whole crabs has its own challenges.

Crab alone is one species that comes from the Crustacean family. This is marked by a part of the body that is nailed. Crab lives in various waters, from offshore, reef, brackish waters to muddy river estuaries. One of the excellences of crabs from other types of seafood is their durability. Crab can last longer on land than other types of fresh seafood.

However, crabs that will be used as food raw materials need special treatment, moreover, if the crab will be sent to a remote area. So, the crabs need to be preserved so that their freshness is maintained at their destination. One way to keep crab freshness is through the freezing process.

Frozen crabs are needed in the food industry. This is a raw materiall for various food products, for example, various canned seafood dishes. Usually, frozen crabs are no longer intact, but only the meat is left and has been separated from the shell.

Frozen Crab Nutrition Facts

As one type of seafood, crabs are also one of the healthiest foods because they contain various kinds of nutrients that the body needs. However, for some people, consumption of frozen crabs needs to be limited, as in people who have high cholesterol levels, they must limit the amount of crab and other seafood consumed.

In general, crabs contain many nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. In 100 grams of crab meat, 19 grams of protein are contained. In the same dose, crab meat also contains 1072 mg of sodium, magnesium 63 mg, potassium 262 mg, and various types of vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, B12, and vitamin C. In addition, crabs are also rich in calcium and iron, in which both of these substances are needed by the body to form bones and erythrocytes cells.

Benefits Of Crab For Health

Based on various studies, crab meat has several health benefits. Although crab meat has been frozen or already in the form of frozen crabs, his kind of seafood still has health benefits.

  • Increase stamina and energy

Crab consumption that is not excessive can increase stamina and energy in the body. This is due to the high content of vitamin B12 in crab meat, which can trigger an increase in the body’s metabolism towards fatty acids to produce more energy.

  • Accelerate the process of wound healing

Protein and zinc content in frozen crab meat is needed by the body to regenerate cells, especially skin cells. Thus, the skin cell regeneration process will help the wound to heal faster.

  • Improve the immune system

This type of seafood turns out to be able to increase the human immune system. High protein content, as well as various minerals in frozen crab meat,  can help the body to produce more immune cells in a short time. As a result, of course, our immune system becomes stronger so that we are not susceptible to disease.

  • Prevent heart attacks

For a long time, research has linked omega 3 fatty acids to heart disease. In several studies reported that omega 3 is able to repair and clean the circulatory tract so as to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Crab is also a natural source of omega 3. In fact, the content of omega 3 which is owned by crabs is higher than the content of omega 3 in seafood from other types of crustaceans such as shrimp and lobster.

Thus, consumption of frozen crabs that are processed into various foods can help supply omega 3 in the body so as to reduce the risk of heart disease.

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